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Yorkshire’s best kept secret – the Morndyke Mini Shop

Football just isn’t my bag. I managed about 10 seconds – was marginally amused by the name of one Brazilian player, so made a few un pc comments to myself that made me giggle, then was bored. Apparently I have the sense of humour of a 13 year old boy… according to my adult 12 year old daughter….

I prefer cake. So with this in mind I have revamped the Morndyke Mini Shop. I’ve even had a sign made by Alpha Signs in Thirsk (who are fab and do all my signage) to say ‘shop’ with an arrow. Not many people use my shop. In fact, it’s probably only me. It’s one of Yorkshire’s best kept secrets.

It’s starting to be obvious that I use the shop a little too much. I was talking to one gentleman today whom I hadn’t seen for about 6 weeks and I swear I caught him talking to my stomach rather than my face. No degree in psychology was needed to work out what he was thinking.

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Anyhow, back to the shop. I now sell a selection of the most amazing flapjacks ever made – from Yorkshire flapjacks. (Don’t ask me how I know they are amazing…😳)

I’m also stocking Yorkshire honey, Yorkshire jam, Yorkshire fruitcake, Yorkshire Yorkshire Parkin (😉), Yorkshire biscuits, Yorkshire Apple juice, Yorkshire another drink thingy – which has a weird name but tastes nice, Yorkshire crisps, Yorkshire posy, Yorkshire my book. Oh yeah, and Tesco bbq coals and Choc n Choc luxury farmyard chocolates. Not from Yorkshire. Sadly. Trying hard now not to make any un pc jokes about allowing in products from foreign lands…. ie across the borders from non-Yorkshire counties. I like Yorkshire.

So, if you happen to also be bored of football and fancy a nibble, then come round and eat something Yorkshire. Please.

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