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The chaos of the cows continues

So the cows have been turned out for the summer grazing, and all was well with the world. That is until Alan rang me. Apparently one of ‘them red heifers’ (who incidentally haven’t been heifers for a couple of years, but the name stuck) had calved at Robin’s. So, the usual drill ensued – jump in the truck, find the calf, inject it against ecoli, castrate it if it’s a bull calf, and check whether it had been drinking. In ither words, chaos reigns supreme with the cows at Morndyke.

We found the calf. It was cold and shaky and on its own. Mum was nowhere near it. It didn’t look good. I told Alan that it had to come home but I was suspicious. A mummy very rarely abandons their baby. I asked Alan to drive around the field. Then I saw it. Another calf. This one was stronger and mum was more interested. We had no choice but to bring the whole family home so the weaker baby would have a chance of bonding with the cow.

That was no mean feat carrying a calf each across a large field in a way that the mother cow would follow. It’s amazing how heavy a new born calf is over a 30 acre rough field. Finally we had all three of them loaded and brought them back. Little Bambi and Biba are now doing well and mum has worked out she has two little babies to love. All’s well with the world…

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