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Help for Heroes

Who are your heroes? I have a few. Up there at the top must be Sir David Attenborough – he is a God in my eyes whom I worship reverently. No single human being has been a greater presenter of the natural world than this man. That is an unarguable point.

There is another group of heroes. Since being small, I have admired with awe and wonder the guys in the armed forces. Perhaps it’s the uniforms….

As the years passed and a greater understanding of life and death and sacrifice came to me, I started to see these guys (male and female) in a different light. They are willing to give their lives so that I don’t have to. That’s one hell of a huge thing.

I think it hits me most in the old photos of wartime. It’s the eyes – full of hope and promise and life.

It’s the quotes like this: “When you go Home, tell them of us and say, For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today.” (John Maxwell Edmunds 1916.)

It’s the soldiers of today that are so forgotten.

Wars pass. Conflicts resolve. But the scars in the minds and on the bodies of these men don’t heal. These men were willing to die to protect us. They’ve witnessed things that no man should ever see. The injuries cut so deep that some will never recover. And they did that ultimately for us.

When I saw the image of our shepherds’ huts under the banner of Help for Heroes, I was so moved that I admit I cried. To be associated with these incredible people was very humbling and I’m proud to be part of it. Each month we are offering a free 4 night stay to these heroes. My heroes. It’s a small gesture of thanks to try and say ‘You are not forgotten’.

My first hero is due in October. Then another and another in every month that passes.

We will remember them.

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