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Damsels in distress at Morndyke Shepherds’ Huts

One of the great things about running a glamping site is meeting the clients. All kinds of people come through our gates bringing with them all sorts of personalities and stories. I love it. Some become good friends, some prefer to keep themselves to themselves and some love to chat. Without exception all are lovely. It’s great to meet such a diverse range of people. I especially love the ones that don’t leave all their washing up for the cleaners….

One of the mildly amusing aspects of meeting new people is watching Alan meet new people. He’s a Yorkshire farmer through and through, his friends are all drawing pensions and are equally rural. He does however, run a very successful fencing business where he ensures great estates are securely fenced and priceless equines kept in their place. He’s a charmer with the ladies and will bend over backwards to ensure his female clients are happy and well serviced (presumably not in the biblical sense, although one would have more sense that to question this…). The men get an equally good job done, it’s just that those blue eyes don’t twinkle and the conversation has more grunting in it.

Alan loves a damsel in distress, he blossoms in their peril. Theses damsels usually appear in threes and all are barely out of their teens. The first three appeared on our site in the late and very wet Spring. Like a flash, Alan was there. He lit their fire, he helped with the ladder, he even put up their gazebo that they had brought. Out came the drill and screws, and cheeky grin. It was a wild and blustery night. Early the next morning he was there mending the flailing tarpaulin whilst the ladies slept on, oblivious. I think it was the greeting he got of young ladies in bras that sealed his unyielding service.

Three more have turned up today. From London. Lovely young girls that are new to lighting fires and cooking outside. Like a flash, Alan is there, the barbecue lit, the ladder in place, the instructions given with a smile and a twinkle. Alan loves the glamping site. He loves the people it brings. Especially if they come in packs of three.

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