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Daisy’s ExPLODition

The world is full of remarkable people – sometimes it’s hard to see, but they are out there, hiding amongst the ordinary.

One such lady I have had the privilege to meet right next to us here at Morndyke, is Daisy on her explodition aka Daisy’s ExPLODition

I happened to be driving passed our fields next to the Jaipur Spice, and had to do a double take. Our verge had suddenly been filled with the most beautiful gypsy caravan and 2 amazing Belgian Draught horses. Not one to miss an opportunity to meet a horse, I screeched to a halt, reversed up, abandoned the car and introduced myself. These horses are incredible- great muscle machines and rare too. Proper working horses.

It turned out that this most remarkable lady is travelling from Banbury (in Oxfordshire), to Falkirk – to the iconic 30 foot high Kelpies, and back again. The purpose of such a journey is to raise awareness and donations for The Brain Tumour charity. Daisy happens to be in her 70s. It’s a 5-month, 1000 mile round trip. Olive and Arthur are the engines of this trek. Daisy writes a blog on Facebook too – it’s well worth following her. How many of us, when we reach our 70s, (if indeed we do), will be hiding out there, amongst the ordinary, living an extraordinary life?

There’s a large part of me that envies Daisy. To have the freedom to fly where the wind takes you, with your animals as your constant companions. To stay snug and warm, with a wood burning stove and a comfy deep bed. To live by the day and not stress about tomorrow. To have flowers in your hair, to live and love and laugh.. sigh….

I’ve been sizing up Capoté and the Shepherds’ Huts…

My sister says I’m a dreamer. I think she could be right.

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