Tel: 01845 587544

Mobile: 07785 763738

Morndyke House, Brickyard Farm, Busby Stoop, Thirsk, YO7 4EH

Tel: 01845 587544

Mobile: 07785 763738

Morndyke House, Brickyard Farm, Busby Stoop, Thirsk, YO7 4EH

Morndyke Holiday Cottage Thirsk

Our terms and conditions are designed to ensure a comfortable stay for both yourself and fellow guests.

All guests must observe the following conditions in order to keep the friendly and relaxed atmosphere in this peaceful, rural haven. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated, thank you.


Please view our Privacy Policy linked here, it will explain exactly how and what data is handled on this website.


The cottage is to be vacated by 10am on day of departure, arrivals from 3pm. If you are later than 5pm please let us know.


We do not allow pets other than a dog to stay with you at the cottage. Your dog must be kept on a lead at all times outdoors around the farm. The cottage has its own enclosed area in the garden for your dog and must only be allowed free roam within this enclosed area. Due to the close proximity of the hens and livestock if your dog is lively and demonstrates interest in our animals at the fenced partition that could cause alarm or distress to our animals we ask that you keep your dog on a lead within the enclosed area.


We allow 1 child aged 12 or over to stay as long as they are sensible and calm near livestock.


Please do not have visitors or extra people stopping over in the cottage without the express permission of the owners. If you wish to have visitors please discuss with the owners prior or during your stay.


The cottage has a designated parking space and it is very important that only this designated space is used for parking. Morndyke is a working farm with animals and agricultural machinery. Parking anywhere other than the designated space could result in accidental damage to a vehicle. Morndyke is unable to accept any responsibility for vehicles parked in undesignated areas.


Please consider other guests, especially after 9.30pm. We are a Low Noise Policy accommodation. Music is NOT permitted where it can be heard by others.


Please recycle as much as possible in the recycling bins provided. Wipes, sanitary waste, cloths etc. must not be flushed down the toilet, please use the waste bins.


Please ensure you keep in the designated areas for your own safety. This is a working farm, please do not walk around the farm, the stable yard, the hen run or the cow path unsupervised The driving speed limit is 5mph around the farm. Please ensure you act safely around the lake – strictly no boats or floating devices are allowed on site. The fishing lake closes at dusk. A list of emergency numbers is available in the cottage. There is a fire pit on the outside patio, please use this responsibly. We are a no smoking site.


As the owners of the site we are absolved of all liability for accidents to guests and from any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property. Any items left behind must be claimed within two weeks of departure. If relevant, postage and packing charges for the return of goods will apply. As owners, we shall not be responsible for the death or personal injury to a holidaymaker. As the owners of the site/farm we reserve the right to ask guests not observing the conditions to leave the site without refunds and with immediate effect. We ask that any breakages or faulty equipment be reported so that we may replace them. In the case of breakages, a replacement charge may be made. As the owners of the property, we reserve the right to gain access at any reasonable time during occupancy for the purpose of emergency maintenance or repair or any other need.


As the owners we ask that residents practice common sense care and consideration for the cottage and the wider site area during their stay. This involves ensuring cleanliness is observed, with surfaces and woodwork being kept clean of stains and debris. The heating facilities are not used for the drying of clothes, the risk of fire is real and likely in this scenario. As the owners we ask that chopping boards and provided drinks coasters are used in order to limit damage to work tops and surfaces, under no circumstances should food be chopped on the work surfaces or tables.

The accommodation is strictly NO SMOKING.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure all gates around the cottage garden and the wider farm areas are always securely closed after use.


Coronavirus (or similar) pandemics: Complete flexibility to move bookings for up to 12 months in the event of National Coronavirus restrictions. (This includes national restrictions such as lockdowns and travel restrictions ONLY). Due to low deposit and late balance payment, no refunds are offered, however you can reschedule/postpone your booking.

Cancellations: we do not give refunds to any bookings made under any circumstances. We may be able to postpone your booking in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the owner.

Please note, in the unfortunate event of a system error with bookings, we do reserve the right to cancel/refund your booking.

Holiday Insurance: we strongly advise you take out holiday insurance with regards to your holiday booking.

Please note any damage to site facilities left in an unsatisfactory state will incur extra charges.


Day guests are permitted at Morndyke with prior arrangement, but we must be advised prior to their arrival and their cars must be left in the car park near the lake. This is subject to change during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Please be aware we are a Low Noise Policy accommodation.


Morndyke reserves the right to add/remove any special offers at any time. Special offers/discounts do not apply to any existing bookings made before the release date of the special offer. They are all subject to availability and cannot be used with any other offer unless stated.

Any voucher/credit/promotional discount given to use at a later date has a 12 month expiry as standard unless stated otherwise.


50% of the payment is due at the time of booking (non refundable), and the final 50% is due 14 days before arrival.


The cottage has a checklist provided in the visitors information pack. Please check on arrival as any anything missing needs reporting straight away otherwise you might be liable for its replacement cost.


There is a mini shop situated in the Wash House in the Glamping Site that sells a selection of Yorkshire goodies - payment of which is through an honesty box system.


Our aim is to make your stay a happy and memorable one. If there is anything we can do to make your holiday more relaxed or enjoyable please let us know.

It is expected that all visitors have read and understood these terms and conditions